Hi, I’m Shane!

How can I put my skills to work for you?

I’m a communications specialist with over three years of experience in the alternative media, including live radio, podcasting, journalism, voice over work, and audio advertisement production. Ever since I began my venture into this industry, I have continually gotten compliments on my voice and have been told that I needed to at least narrate audiobooks–heck, my audience listens to me ramble for over six hours a week, so I must sound pretty good (ha!).

Most of my early experience in audiobook production came from narrating my own articles and books, which helped to provide me with some sort of a portfolio, and also helped me to learn the tools of the trade. Then, in 2016, I launched my own publishing outfit called Liberty Under Attack Publicationsand have done a significant number since then.

My specialty is non-fiction, since I have a very articulate, stern, authoritative sounding voice. I don’t have much experience in fictional narrations, but I have a dynamic voice and can likely adapt it fit whatever project you have in mind.

My most recent major project was in partially narrating and producing an audiobook for Ben Stone. Here’s what he had to say about my work:

“I can, without hesitation, recommend Shane Radliff as a versatile and
reliable voice artist. Shane not only took on the burden of recording an
audio version of my book, he did so with great professionalism and with
a shockingly fast turn-around time. Over the years as a radio host, I
have known many voice artists, but if I had an important project today
Shane Radliff would be the first person I would call.”

I have another handful of projects that will be headed to market soon, so there will be plenty of additional recommendations to come.

In addition to voice over work, I am also a writer by trade–I’ve written extremely well-received and popular technology tutorials, articles on a wide variety of subjects, as well as investigative exposés. I’ve been requested for proofreading and editing work often, and can certainly offer that service to you as well.

Whatever the project, I am positive that I can put my skills to work for you! Feel free to take a listen to some of my demos and examples (on the side bar), view some of my writing/proofreading work, and please reach out if you like what you see/hear!

Complete List of Services

  • Audiobook Narration & Full Production
  • Audio Production
  • Radio/Podcast Advertisements
  • Podcast Intros/Outros
  • Article/Book Editing/Proofreading
  • Other? Let’s talk!

Fill out the form below and provide me with some details about your next project–obviously, an audition sample is included.